The use of UAVs in urban planning allows you to obtain high-precision geodetic data, both for the design of objects and for operational control at all stages of construction.

Aeroscan offers the following services to solve problems during urban planning:

  • geodeticaerialphotography;
  • creationoforthophotomapscartographies;
  • creating 3D models;
  • inventory of real estate objects;
  • cadastralworks;
  • supportofconstructionworks.

The use of aerial unmanned systems significantly simplifies the work, reduces production time, and increases overall efficiency. Depending on the Customer's requirements, the work can be performed using aerial photography or aerial laser scanning system.

Monitoring of construction sites can track many quantitative and qualitative indicators such as count and classification of construction equipment, compliance of industrial safety requirements, calculation of the volume and area of earthworks, inventory of stored material.

The result of UAV monitoring is the construction of orthophotomaps, 3D models, digital models of terrain, and surface. The purpose of these works is to obtain reliable information about the planned position of real estate objects, their characteristics, automatization of processes when making management decisions at real estate objects.

The resulting base map can be used as a foundation for creating GIS for the land cadaster, as well as for conducting other land management activities.

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