UAVs can effectively monitor and promptly obtain data on the state of the woodland.

To solve the problems of forestry, Aeroscan offers the following services to solve the problems of forestry:

  • forest inventory;
  • prevention and detection of forest fires;
  • detection of illegal use of forest resources;
  • inventory of woodlands;
  • detection of abnormalities of the forest;
  • clarification of cadastral boundaries of the forest Fund;
  • air inventory of wild animals.

These types of work are performed using videophoto and thermal imaging systems. Received information on the area let to identify deserted territories, the presence of fires, determine tree species, and assess the damage caused by emergencies. A 3D model of the forest enables researchers to calculate the surface area, the distance between individual trees, and the amount of vegetation, thereby performing high-quality monitoring of the state of the forest.

In the course of operational monitoring, we respond to reports of smoke, search for fire points, and provide information to ground fire-fighting teams.

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