About company

Aeroscan is a Russian commercial operator of unmanned aircraft systems that provides remote sensing services.

Since 2017, Aeroscan has been implementing ready-made solutions for business using unmanned aerial technologies.

Application of unmanned aerial technologies nowadays increasing at the enormous speed, providing industries with more advanced solutions that find its application in the oil and gas industry, electric power, agriculture, geodesy, urban planning, forestry и другие.

Aeroscan offers aerial photography, video, and thermal monitoring, laser scanning and multispectral shooting as a service that will improve the efficiency and performance of busines as well as make the right management decisions. Aeroscan will select the optimal set of technologies and software to achieve the desired result.

The main advantages of working with us are:

  • obtaining qualified services that meet the customer's request;
  • integrated approach to each task;
  • reduction of time and financial costs for the workimplementation;
  • compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and environmental protection.