Aerial photography is the best option for obtaining spatial data of the selected area with geodesic accuracy.

This type of shooting includes the following complex of works: obtaining information about the area, performing flights with aerial photography equipment, geodetic measurements, camera processing, building plans, and maps of the area.

Based on the results of aerial photography, the Customer receives the following products:

Digital surface model - model that represents the earth's surface, including all objects on it such as building, trees, etc.

Digital terrain model - the elevation model of a bare-earth excluding vegetation, buildings, and other objects.

A three-dimensional model is a mathematical model of an object or area that is represented as a point cloud linked to geographical coordinates. A distinctive quality of a 3D model is the high resolution and realism of objects and terrain on a virtual map.

Orthophotomap - photographic plan of the area obtained from aerial photography. The orthophotopmap can display the situation on the earth's surface in detail and serves as an auxiliary base for creating cartographic material.

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