The use of unmanned aerial systems makes it possible to obtain up-to-date information about the current technical condition of power grid facilities. Visual inspection allows you to solve operational problems related to the detection of defects in the power lines. Aeroscan can also perform aerial photography and laser scanning to conduct scheduled and periodic inspections.

UAVs are equipped with advanced payloads, which makes them more suitable for assessing the current technical condition of power line elements, while imaging technologies can display the results of work in GIS format.

Aerial monitoring of power lines can help to perform the next tasks:

  • visual inspection of the state of power line elements;
  • search for overhead power line defects;
  • control of construction works;
  • assessment of tree and shrub vegetation;
  • transmission line certification;
  • design of transmission line routing;
  • measurement of wire SAG.

Based on the results of air monitoring Aeroscan transmits reports to the Customer on the identified defects. Quick identification for failures allows the Customer to effectively manage their resources by obtaining timely and reliable information as well as to reduce the response time to eliminate technical violations.

Aerial laser scanning makes it possible to create a "digital twin" for visualization of power lines and objects located in the protected zone. As a result of cameral processing, a constructed orthophoto map and a dense point cloud is classified for georeferenced measurements of areas, volumes, minimum distances, deviation angles, and other parameters. Aeroscan provides the Customer with ready-made materials, as well as lists of sizes and dimensions of various types.

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