For the oil and gas companies, unmanned aerial systems offer great opportunities - from visual monitoring of infrastructure to geodetic surveys for engineering and geological surveys.

Problems solved with the use of UAVs:

  • round-the-clock air monitoring of infrastructure;
  • monitoring of the ecological state of the environment;
  • detection of illegal activities in the protected area;
  • support ofconstruction sites;
  • engineering and geodetic surveying;
  • monitoring the compliance of workplace safety requirements. 

The main advantages of unmanned aircraft systems are their ability to perform work in hard-to-reach areas, in difficult weather conditions and aggressive environments, as well as to minimize the risk to the life and health of employees.

Video, photo and thermal imaging systems help to monitor all the facilities, while aerial laser scanning can solve geodesic and surveying problems.

Aeroscan provides a Customer with the necessary information about the state of objects in real-time mode, promptly notifies about found issues, and transmits reports in electronic form.

The results of digital photography processing are detailed digital terrain models, orthophotomaps, and 3D models which can be imported into the Customer's geographic information systems.

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