Aerial photography and multispectral photography, in agriculture, are used to analyze, enumerate crops and monitor the use of land plots.

To solve the problems of the agricultural complex, Aeroscan offers the following services:

  • assessment of soil condition and calculation of various vegetation indices;
  • monitoring of agricultural operations;
  • detection of illegal use of land plots;
  • creating 3D terrainmodels.

NDVI (the Normalized Relative Vegetation Index) is the simplest and moderately sensitive to changes in soil and atmospheric background. It can be used to evaluate the growth of plant biomass during the season to assess the vegetation cover.

EVI is an improved plant biomass index that allows you to assess the health of plants, both in dense vegetation cover and in sparse vegetation, by minimizing the influence of soil and atmosphere.

GNDVI and NDRE indicators are used to estimate soil moisture and nitrogen concentration in plant leaves. These indices are more sensitive to chlorophyll concentrations and are used to assess depressed and aging vegetation.

As a result of data processing, maps of vegetation indices (NDVI, PVI, WDVI, SAVI, LAI, etc.) are created by which it is possible to assess the productivity of agricultural lands. The obtained vegetation indices will allow the Customer to analyze the quality of crops, soil condition, and optimize the use of chemicals in agricultural production.

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